Privacy policy – Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij

Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij respects the privacy of all users of the website. In this privacy policy, we inform you how we handle your (personal) data. All (personal) information is always treated confidentially. We only use the information that you provide to us to perform our services optimally and only employees of Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij can use your data for the performance of their duties when necessary.

Protection of your personal data

We make every effort to protect your (personal) data. Your data is only used to perform the services that you have engaged us for. To have your data removed from our database, please send an e-mail to:

At Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij, your data is stored securely for the duration of the agreement. After terminating the agreement, the (personal) data will be retained for a maximum period of one year. Some information is automatically saved, for example:

  • URL
  • IP address
  • Date and time
  • Browser type
  • Language

The data is stored within the European Union and complies with strict EU rules.

Why do we process your (personal) data?

We want to establish a relationship with you: if you are a customer, we support you in the best possible way. For example, we want to be able to approach you personally, with sir or madam’. To give you this personal approach, we store (personal) information (such as name, address and place of residence) so that we can keep in touch with you. We want to continuously improve ourselves and our services. If you have suggestions for us, we will process when you contact us, so that we can offer you better service in the future. Your data is also used to carry out analyses for improving our services.

Cooperation with third parties

For an optimal service it is sometimes necessary to call in third parties. It may happen that they use your (personal) data. However, we only engage third parties if this fits the purpose for which we have processed your data, for example for marketing purposes.

Third parties may not use and/or pass on your (personal) data independently. On our website, you will find links to websites of our partners. If you go to the websites of our partners via these links, the privacy policy of these partners applies and the privacy policy of Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij expires.

What are the legal rules when processing your (personal) data?

Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij is bound by several laws and regulations when processing your (personal) data:

  • The Telecommunications Act
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

How do you request access to your data?

You can always request insight into the data that we process and/or store from you. We can then always ask you to identify yourself in advance.

It is possible that your data has been processed incorrectly or incompletely, or that you do not want it to be stored. Send us a request for removal, adjustment and/or supplementation at Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij via our mail address:

You can also submit any questions and/or complaints about the storage of your data via this email address.

How do you request access to your data?

Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij can change the privacy policy at any time when needed.

Changes to the privacy policy can occur if, for example, there are ’new’ data processing operations regarding a new service. We do not collect more (personal) data than legally permitted to meet the above objectives.

What are cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information that a browser places on the computer, tablet or phone. This happens when you visit our website. We also use cookies on our website. Cookies do not know who you are, and your personal information is not stored by the usage of cookies. Based on your surfing habits preferences and interests are recorded, for more user-friendliness and for the functionalities on the website. Cookies do not affect the performance and security of your system and are only used if you have given implicit permission in advance to ‘agree’ with our cookie policy.



What types of cookies do we use?

Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij uses various cookies, which can consist of:

  1. We use functional cookies for the proper functioning of the website. This allows you to quickly see the correct information when you visit our website. No consent is required for these cookies.
  2. Analytical cookies show us how our website is used. How often is the website visited? How often do you visit a specific page? If this does not have a major impact on privacy, this does not require permission.
  3. Permanent cookies ensure that we can recognize you when you visit our website a second time. The website can be set according to your preferences. For example, we do not have to ask permission every time to place cookies.
  4. Tracking cookies follow your surfing behavior on our website. These are placed by Google Analytics. Google may provide this information to third parties if they are required to do so by law. This information is anonymized as much as possible. For example, the IP address will not be published. Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij has no access and influence on these cookies. We also have no control over how advertisers could potentially use the cookies.

You can view the privacy policies of these third parties for detailed information about how they handle cookies and your data. For tracking cookies, permission from the website’s visitor must always be requested in advance.

What do we use cookies for?

Jaap de Graaf Glasblazerij uses cookies and other technologies to increase your user-friendliness. This way, we can see how you use our website. Cookies are used for the following matters:

  • To improve the website
  • To increase user-friendliness
  • To be able to inform you better and personally
  • For analyses to improve the service
  • To manage our relationship with you

Do you want to disable cookies?

You can disable cookies at any time via your browser. You can clear cookies, but also change your cookie settings. The websites of the browsers contain more information about:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

Do you have any questions, suggestions or complaints about our privacy policy? We will be happy to hear from you. Send an e-mail to