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Glasblazerij Jaap de Graaf B.V. is an expert in the field of special lighting. For example, we produce:

  • Technical light with specific spectrum (white point);
  • UV light in several spectra;
  • Cold cathode;
  • Hot cathode;
  • Plasma.

We’re the only company that works with the original Philips furnace pomp system. This system can provide unleaded glass, technical glass and quartz glass with a gas discharge with the right combination of noble gas or a mixture of noble gas and fluorescence coating for the right spectrum. Our vacuum is regularly checked by an external company in order to guarantee the best quality possible.

We produce lighting in almost any diameter and spectrum. Our well-trained glass-blowers can produce lamps in almost every shape. The range of application covers for example:

  • Water treatment;
  • Hardening glue and composite materials, coating;
  • Lighting for high speed camera’s;
  • (Back) lights for cockpits;
  • Case lighting;
  • Commercial lighting;
  • Nostalgic neon lighting;
  • Art and design lighting.

We only supply new lighting of high quality. We don’t repair any lamps because of environmental and technical reasons. At Glasblazerij Jaap de Graaf B.V., we will continue developing special lighting. Moreover, we will always seek to achieve:

  • Superior quality;
  • Higher efficiency;
  • Higher brightness;
  • Improved colour intensity;
  • Longer lifetime (> 5 years).

In short, Glasblazerij Jaap de Graaf B.V. is the right company for good quality and custom-made gas discharge, like plasma globe or UV curing.

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    Glasblazerij Jaap de Graaf B.V.

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