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Function: Maker of glass instruments
Hours: 37.5 per week
Educational level: Dutch MBO
Income: Dependent on experience

Function description

As a maker of glass instruments at Glasblazerij Jaap de Graaf B.V., you will be responsible for producing small glass components in small batches. In order to do so, you will make use of our extensive range of machines. You will be able to select which type of machine or tool you use for each individual product. You’ll work in a cleanroom with the latest production equipment. You will ensure the cleanliness of this room. Additionally, it is of great importance to remain proactive in thinking of improvements within our company. Naturally, you will do so in open communication with your colleagues.

Working at Glasblazerij Jaap de Graag B.V. entails producing small to mediocre sized batched. As such, your daily activities are very diverse. Our productionsite serves national and international countries. We are a closely-knit team of 5 to 10 employees.

Job requirements:

  • Able to work both on your own as well as in a team;
  • Able to quickly aquire practical skills;
  • Think in solutions rather than problems;
  • Proactive in improving processes within the company;
  • At least MBO-level education;
  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar job;
  • Working knowledge of the skills of making glass instruments as well as in working with machines.



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