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Thermic treatment

With a combination of continuous investments in high level specialists, precision equipment, proper raw materials from trusted suppliers and over 40 years of development and experience, the glassworks company of Jaap de Graaf B.V. is capable of thermic treatment of glass with a high level of accuracy.

Because of new materials that are heat retardant without losing their accuracy, thermic treatment is available for either large or very small glass components. As a matter of fact, one of specialties is the treatment of micro glass.

  • Mechanical treatment of glass in small and larger sizes;
  • Mechanical treatment of very small components with a high level of accuracy (treatment of micro glass);
  • Thermic treatment of all known kinds of glass, such as quartz, borosilicate and unleaded glass;
  • Thermal deformation;
  • Shaping a thermal vacuum;
  • Thermic reproducible polishing on different levels;
  • High skilled professionals in producing glass instruments.

We treat glass with clear precision, both in our communication with our customers, as in our products.

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