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Glasblazerij Jaap de Graaf B.V. has a broad range of machinery equipment.

We have used this equipment for mechanical adaptations to all sorts of technical glass, quartz glass and ceramics for more than 40 years at the highest possible level.

With the highest accuracy, we can mechanically adapt cold-formed technical glass, quartz glass and ceramics using the following techniques:

  • CNC milling (ultrasonic);
  • CNC drilling (ultrasonic);
  • Precision sawing;
  • Diamond surface grinding;
  • Diamond rotary grinding and centreless grinding;
  • Polishing;
  • Filing;
  • (Micro) sandblasting.

We can obtain different roughnesses and surface structures.

These adaptations can be executed in a controlled and repetitive manner. Thereby we can achieve a steady high quality.

After these adaptation(s) the glass will be intensely cleaned with the HF flowbank.

At the moment, we apply these adaptations in different sectors:

  • Analytical components;
  • Air and water treatment;
  • Food industry;
  • Petrochemistry;
  • Mechatronics;
  • Medical systems;
  • Sensors;
  • Research and development.

Of course, there are many more areas of implementation.

The adaptation of technical glass, quartz glass ceramics can be useful in many forms and areas of implementation.

Don’t hesitate and contact us immediately.

Together with one of our technical employees you can instantly look for solutions for all your glass technical questions.

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